About (ICO Token Watch)

ICO Token Watch is an online resource / application for bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors. ICO Token watch is independent and unbiased. We allow the opportunity for any ICO to be listed for free on our website. All current projects are vetted by our team before they are listed as Current. Our review team consist of both technology and financial professionals totaling hundreds of years of experience.ICO Token Watch has no affiliation with the companies that it list and does not accept payment for a higher rating or recommendation. Any ICO can list for free and will eventually make it to our front page listing of current ICO.

Companies listed as *Potential Fraud Alert does not mean the ICO is a Fraud or Scam. It may be our team was unable to verify certain information and/or contact the company. If your company has been listed as *Potential Fraud Alert by error, please contact us at [email protected] to have the issue resolved.


ICO Token Watch does not make any recommendations. Investors should be cautious about any and all ICO investments. Investors need to conduct their own research prior to making an investment decision of any kind.