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# Added to queue ICO title Description
1 05/04/2018 12:08:11 BITRUST BITRUST is a decentralized, easy to use, peer-2-peer cryptocurrency insurance platform based on Ethereum blockchain leveraging smart-contract technology. BITRUST platform will help protect your crypt
2 06/04/2018 12:26:46 MoneyToken MoneyToken is a Blockchain based Financial Ecosystem.
3 07/04/2018 2:44:24 VoxelX VoxelX’s mission is to revolutionize the multidisciplinary learning by creating a blockchain powered online DICOM-platform to simulate medical learning.
4 12/04/2018 10:17:25 SpringRole SpringRole is a decentralized attestation based professional network platform powered by the blockchain.
5 14/04/2018 3:12:29 Afeli Afeli is an innovative 3D marketplace, integrating with the next generation social network. Afeli erases the boundaries between reality and virtual space, opening new opportunities for business and or
6 16/04/2018 10:09:15 Projectereum / ProjectCoin – token for business ProjectEreum - Is a unique solution for investors, start-up companies and entrepreneurs with new business ideas.
7 17/04/2018 10:28:16 QUANT NETWORK OVERLEDGER Overledger is the blockchain Operating System (OS) for the future. It empowers applications to function across multiple blockchains.
8 18/04/2018 12:42:34 INTRO INTRO is a real estate sales platform with discounts all over the world.
9 19/04/2018 11:51:19 Dafzo Universal decentralized Global P2P Logistics Platform with end to end solution for International Trade finance & logistics. Dafzo doesn't only offer a unique proposition of better analytics, early de
10 20/04/2018 1:16:39 OctoBit.IO – Online Wallet & Advertising Network ready to go Are you tired of dubious ideas? Invest in OctoBit.IO at the ICO stage and profit from the real, working and necessary to each of us business Two working projects! You can already work and earn with o
11 25/04/2018 9:33:28 KickCity Disrupting the Event Industry using Blockchain
12 26/04/2018 12:15:28 Neuromachine NRM is the world's first decentralized expert and analytical platform for managing your crypto assets and exchanging information about the world of cryptocurrency, based on blockchain technology.
13 26/04/2018 3:22:49 Yodse Global ecosystem, directly connecting manufacturers and customers of industrial products Our mission is to bring together interests, erasing borders and distances for customers and manufacturers in re
14 27/04/2018 1:49:44 Betrium Betrium is the first partly decentralized worldwide betting service (betting exchange & sportsbook) with zero-commissions accepting crypto-currencies and offering platform for event organizers.
15 28/04/2018 4:04:31 UMKA Decentralized Labor Market
16 29/04/2018 4:07:13 Gastery Gastery is a food-tech startup designed to automate interaction of restaurants and their visitors. Platform is based on the geolocation, blockchain technology & smart contracts, and use of QR codes. T
17 01/05/2018 2:45:30 U-VID’IFY Ltd. ICO Token Sale goes live 5/7/2018 12:00 UTC The First Decentralized Video-Based Classified World Market
18 01/05/2018 7:20:56 Lancer Network Lancer Network is a decentralized freelance site for advertising and promotion of crowdsale and blockchain projects. Here people interested in earning crypto currencies and businessmen who arewilling
19 02/05/2018 10:46:26 Paygine Paygine - open financial platform
20 02/05/2018 9:07:34 Atlasplatform Atlas is a versatile Blockchain Development Platform designed exclusively for #Nocoiners. We leverage simplicity and encourage mainstream adoption via already known Technology such as email.
21 03/05/2018 9:51:57 Sunrise Exchange the Sunrise Exchange here offering number of Bitcoin exchange online for SNRC COin.
22 25/05/2018 1:29:20 Afeli Coin AFELI COIN - INNOVATIVE 3D MARKETPLACE
23 25/05/2018 9:43:34 Fatum Fatum is a gaming project built on advanced blockchain and cryptography technologies. Fatum uses all the advantages of cryptography and decentralization, making cheating technically and verifiably im
24 26/05/2018 1:01:24 Etokenchain We’ve built a platform to Business with E-Commerce Base.
25 26/05/2018 6:36:35 Bithium Coin Next generation of bitcoin. Bithium coin (H) is an open source, blockchain based, built on the decentralized platform cryptocurrency that enables instant payments to anyone with minimum fee.
26 27/05/2018 12:27:24 AEN Token The AEN team aims to be the first global incentive based adult entertainment network of the world powered by Bitcoin Technology.
27 28/05/2018 2:53:17 Fluzcoin The Intelligent Retail Currency
28 29/05/2018 5:49:53 EkkBaz BAZ Protocol transforming 8.5 Trillion FMCG Market with Blockchain and AI
29 29/05/2018 4:30:55 W12 W12 mission is to creates infrastructure for the decentralization of capital and establishes a new standard for safe investment in projects globally.
30 30/05/2018 6:29:06 UBEX Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange, operating fully on the basis of neural networks with the use of blockchain and smart contracts.
31 31/05/2018 7:53:09 Denarii Cash Denarii Cash is an ambitious fintech blockchain project that aims to become the ultimate digital wallet to provide a free access to financial service for underbanked individuals & underserved SME's.
32 31/05/2018 3:59:09 PLAT GROUP PLC The world’s first asset backed, Digital/ Fiat Banking and investment group.
33 31/05/2018 10:58:04 Crypto Jade
34 02/06/2018 7:42:28 VANIG Vanig is the world’s first integrated E-Commerce platform and Supply Chain ecosystem powered by the blockchain. Vanig patent pending solution addresses several significant Supply Chain and E-Commerce
35 04/06/2018 4:58:13 JSEcoin JSEcoin is a consumer focused web platform built on top of a browser mined blockchain. We looked at the excessive power usage of traditional cryptocurrencies and created a way to use surplus resource
36 06/06/2018 4:52:24 Feedchain ICO The decentralized future of the Food Industry is here
37 06/06/2018 7:08:51 Ceybit Sri Lanka's First Cryptocurrency Exchange. Ceybit Exchange will be the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, expanding to Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. An exchange solution for developing nations.
38 07/06/2018 9:16:43 CVerification Blockchain-based Recruitment and Background Verification Platform
39 07/06/2018 2:59:14 Myrillion 'Myrillion' is focused on developing a decentralized ecosystem transversal to entertainment business areas, starting with the music industry as the target for its first ICO.
40 07/06/2018 5:53:42 IBOX TOKEN Ibox token is crowdfunding to develop a reliable expedition service who shipping goods from and to any country in this world.
41 07/06/2018 8:44:53 CONTERIUM-DIGITAL MARKETPLACE SOLUTION FOR ALL PEOPLE ICO DETAILS Cost 1 CNM Start Price $0.02 Total Supply 500.000.000 CNM Adjustable All Unsold Tokens Will Bе Destroyed Purchase Bitcoin (ВТC) and Ethereum (ETH) Softcap $5 000 000 USD Hardcap $30 000 00
42 08/06/2018 3:50:58 KachingCoins An Ecosystem complete with a Social Trading Platform, Broker, Crypty Exchange, Academies and more for the Coin to be Utilized and Grow in Value.
44 11/06/2018 9:00:18 Õpet Õpet is an intelligent AI companion chatbot designed to help secondary students with their exam revision. Covering the entire GCSE “O” and “A” Level curriculum, Õpet is an effective, affordable and co
45 11/06/2018 6:58:05 ENDO Protocol ENDO is a Protocol that solves the problem of certified information tracking and encrypted data storage. The ENDO ecosystem allows organisations and users to participate in information and service exc
46 12/06/2018 10:38:42 Molecule ICO The MOLECULE platform is a fully functioning car service aggregator with a revolutionary approach to delivering targeted advertising through system participants.
47 12/06/2018 10:42:37 WILLTOKEN WillToken is a utility token issued by Digitrust Corporation, which provides wealth assignment services to members of the crypto investment community.
48 12/06/2018 10:51:18 BitShield BitShield ecosystem consists of a smart contract and token which work in tandem to provide a safety net to protect against bitcoin volatility.
49 12/06/2018 11:14:37 Investor’s Gold We will make cryptocurrency with own blockchain, very easy to use, powered by an app, mobile friendly - cryptonote algorithm - mining available. Xbox, Play Station and TV mining available in FUTURE
50 13/06/2018 6:25:39 EGYPT CryptoCoin EGYPT (EGY) is the First Gold-backed Digital Currency that carry my country name Egypt. Every cryptocurrency is not backed with a real asset is a loss for investor’s money for nothing.
51 13/06/2018 10:55:50 Choon Choon is a music streaming platform and digital payments ecosystem which is live on the Ethereum blockchain. It's the blockchain's largest music streaming platform with a thriving user community.
52 14/06/2018 12:28:30 Virtual Universe Virtual Universe (VU) is an epic, story-driven open world game in LivingVR™ powered by artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain technologies.
53 14/06/2018 2:07:57 Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin The only, truly backed up, Humanitarian, Energy, Security Crypto
54 16/06/2018 5:42:45 Coupit ICO Decentralized marketing and incentives platform that utilizes the Neo blockchain
55 19/06/2018 10:31:04 ENDO Protocol Certified Data Verification Protocol
56 20/06/2018 9:43:29 Open Source University Open Source University is the World's Academic & Career Development Ledger in the process of making.
57 20/06/2018 10:26:16 Buddy Buddy, partnered with industry leaders such as Amazon, Docker, Github, Microsoft, and Google, is a winning development automation platform that serves a rapidly growing market valued to become $345 bi
58 20/06/2018 12:38:11 Payment Solutions International (PSI) FinTech powering the Future of Fair Lending in Emerging Market Economies
59 20/06/2018 2:57:07 Ponics Technologies Invest in business of the production of the aeroponic-growing equipment
60 21/06/2018 1:40:59 PingPaid PingPaid is an asset transfer and transaction platform and protocol using cryptocurrency.
61 21/06/2018 12:12:43 Neuroseed We introduce a new alternative for machine learning market participants interaction by making an extremely simple tool for machine learning models design, training and use.
62 22/06/2018 1:05:50 AGROLOT Cryptomarket of agricultural crops
63 22/06/2018 1:48:03 MOBU A decentralised organised ICO platform for launching compliant security tokens.
64 22/06/2018 1:54:12 MOBU – A decentralised organised ICO platform for launching compliant security tokens in the blockchain space. MOBU - A decentralised organised ICO platform for launching compliant security tokens in the blockchain space.
65 23/06/2018 2:21:08 WHEN Token WhenHub Interface makes it easy for Consumers to find Experts on any topic, then video call them for knowledge-sharing. Financial details are handled with a Smart Contract using WHEN Token cryptocurre
66 24/06/2018 4:06:04 CryptoSouk The next generation digital asset exchange for traders of every skill level, making digital currency trading accessible to everyone. We are devoted to enhancing our customers’ trading experiences with
67 26/06/2018 12:02:45 TRUFIELD ICO Trufield will create an innovative electronic medical records system for people living in poor countries.Good medical record keeping is essential to assuring quality health care
68 26/06/2018 1:42:06 Soundeon Soundeon – a pioneering decentralized and vertically integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry. From the creation and copyright of a work to contractual resale of both ex
69 27/06/2018 4:46:16 ETF UNIVERSAL The first Exchange Traded-Fund Universal Cryptocurrency using blockchain technology. Secure underwritten assets. Decentralized peer to peer exchange.
70 30/06/2018 2:37:04 eLYQD eLYQD is a decentralized ethereum based ecosystem marketplace that will be the framework for the entire vaping industry.
71 30/06/2018 8:47:34 Amalgam Amalgam is an ASIC-resistant, index-based cryptocurrency and blockchain protocol that has an indelibly safeguarded price value. Amalgam is also committed to donating 1% of all funds to charity.
72 03/07/2018 6:03:52 Cryptassist The Cryptassist mission is to supply everyone with access to the world of crypto-assets through an array of 25 essential tools in one platform.
73 04/07/2018 12:30:56 GOODWORK GOODWORK is an ecosystem fоr remote teams. It includes a network of coworking spaces, task management system and CRM-system. The project helps co-workers to expand the borders and interact with each o
74 04/07/2018 2:15:55 Freldo Freldo is first global and decentralized ecosystem linking service providers and customers, based on the technology of blockchain and smart contracts.
75 06/07/2018 12:39:47 Support Chain The world`s only project to bring people together
76 08/07/2018 12:47:04 The Boliecoin Play video games against anybody in the world and earn real money through our new video gaming livestreaming site.
77 09/07/2018 7:21:41 Vertex The worlds first ICO aftermarket
78 09/07/2018 7:55:45 Togacoin A Green Data Center - First crowdfunding in the world that distributes revenue during the token sale.
79 09/07/2018 8:08:55 CoinMarketAlert CoinMarketAlert – World’s Leading Crypto Price Alerts Tool
80 10/07/2018 5:20:27 Rays Network Rays Network is based on a whole new blockchain technology which is growing and improving all the time.
81 11/07/2018 2:04:49 BlueGold – Blockchain Cuises & Events BlueGold wants to become the next reference currency for Blockchain events. In the spirit of the Blockchain freedom and independence, BlueGold offers cruises dedicated to the crypto-universe.
82 11/07/2018 8:28:53 ICO CustomCoin Platform CustomCoin Platform will deal with crediting of small construction business in Switzerland.
83 12/07/2018 6:33:25 BlockToken BlockToken.ai is a next-generation token issuance, funding, distribution and exchange platform.
84 12/07/2018 6:58:19 IXTUS This edutainment project is designed to encourage children’s interests, curiosity and their natural quest for knowledge; leading to experiences in problem-based learning, inquiry, investigations, disc
85 12/07/2018 2:03:25 Dealjoy Dealjoy connects online shoppers with their favorite merchants to provide instant crypto cashbacks.
86 12/07/2018 2:56:30 iRespo Disrupting polls and surveys industry on EOS
87 13/07/2018 11:56:29 Citowise Developing cryptopayments infrastructure and business globalization platform
88 13/07/2018 10:40:47 ICO CustomCoin Platform Custom Coin Platform will deal with crediting of small construction business in Switzerland.
89 14/07/2018 9:18:18 SupportChain The world`s only project to bring peolpe together.
90 14/07/2018 10:18:29 LeadRex AI-based platform for lead generation
91 16/07/2018 8:46:45 Gabro Gabro aims to provide consumers with the ability for instant redemption and manage multiple loyalty point and exchange them freely on a single blockchain enabled platform.
92 17/07/2018 10:18:02 Unleash the Power of Social Commerce with Blockchain ! Unlock the True Value of Social Commerce with BLockchain !
93 19/07/2018 2:39:31 Tkeycoin DAO Tkeycoin DAO is a cryptographic decentralized platform built on the mechanism of artificial intelligence, opening a new world of opportunities for people and business
94 19/07/2018 7:43:31 KIRIK Meta Protocol Project KIRIK: the semantic smart contract revolution. The world's first crypto protocol that integrates multiple blockchains via artificial intelligence
95 20/07/2018 8:06:21 Hussars Coin PLH is the only legitimate Polish cryptocurrency who will successfully compete with the old good fiat PLN. Hussar Coin's great advantage is that it is a deflationary currency.
96 20/07/2018 9:11:10 BigBang Play and Get Loyalty Points You Can Trade
97 21/07/2018 11:31:54 InBet We create an honest betting service, where the bookmaker will be an intermediary between players, and not the casino, where you leave all the money.
98 22/07/2018 10:13:31 ReMoneta ReMoneta is a uniquely stable, zero cost, reward-based currency and land-backed frictionless central hub bringing Crypto to the Mainstream by Connecting Crypto to Commerce.
99 24/07/2018 6:30:45 SGame Pro SGame Pro is a mobile gaming Platform aggregator, owned by Sgame SA a Swiss-based company.
100 24/07/2018 10:35:37 Nettekcoin Nettek coin is developed by different experts from blockchain and crypto enthusiasts to build an open source platform, to reduce cost of transaction fees and leverage the technology
101 26/07/2018 9:04:53 Reger Diamond The First ICO Secured by Diamonds
102 26/07/2018 12:31:45 Forte Coin Presale FORTE COIN (FOTC) is a Cryptocurrency that is blockchain and ethereum based. It can be exchange with other Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and other currencies when it gets to the exchange market.
103 26/07/2018 4:41:50 IGT-CRYPTO The IGT-CRYPTO is already working exchange. At the moment, IGT-CRYPTO works with the main fiat currencies: USD, EUR, as well as the most attractive cryptocurrencies from the TOP-10: Bitcoin, BitcoinCa
104 27/07/2018 11:19:29 The JULLAR project The global eradication of Shitcoins. The JULLAR project is a unique platform in the world for liquidation of Shitcoins, a platform of holding tournaments for cryptocurrency owners, blockchain technologies of open ICO project checks.
105 28/07/2018 7:17:54 MiMiner MiMiner (center of equipment hosting) Sale of new mining equipment, equipment’s host and setup, maintenance of equipment’s uninterrupted operation, service users support, equipment’s repair, intra-ser
106 29/07/2018 7:57:49 EverID EverID is a decentralized platform for a new economy, incorporating a massively scalable payment solution with a multi-currency wallet, and digital + biometric identity.
107 29/07/2018 8:23:10 AvailCom The AvailCom platform for letting of immovable property and car rental automation.
108 30/07/2018 7:25:43 DUSK Network Dusk Network is a decentralized infrastructure focused on providing the sweet-spot between privacy and transparency in payment, communication and asset ownership transfers.
109 31/07/2018 1:41:20 CafeCoin Developed By Columbia University Ph.D. Scientists, CafeCoin Bridges Consumers and Merchants with a Revolutionary Application of Blockchain Technology.
110 31/07/2018 1:42:26 CafeCoin Developed By Columbia University Ph.D. Scientists, CafeCoin Bridges Consumers and Merchants with a Revolutionary Application of Blockchain Technology.
111 01/08/2018 7:08:09 Block Loan Block Loan is a global platform for crypto loans driven by next generation of credit data. A platform powered by smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain, the combination enables an innovative form
112 04/08/2018 12:26:51 GoodGameCenter First international ecosystem for gamers based on blockchain. GGC is an international community center that provides all the basic needs for gamers.
113 06/08/2018 10:41:19 Echarge eCharge.io is the first alternative system for easy and cost-efficient recharging of electric cars and other battery-powered vehicles. It is designed to be globally disseminated through the installati
114 06/08/2018 2:04:09 Safemining Monero mining backed cryptocurrency, introducing new safety features.
115 07/08/2018 11:35:22 miBoodle miBoodle is a decentralised application enabling consumers all over the world to build a sustainable online income using tried and tested digital method
116 07/08/2018 12:46:41 Bit.team Market Place BIT.TEAM – is a platform for direct (P2P) user to user exchange of cryptocurrency, acting as guarantor of the transaction secutiry. Our platform has 3 main tasks: 1. To form a convenient, profitable e
117 08/08/2018 6:45:45 miBoodle miBoodle is a decentralised application enabling consumers all over the world to build a sustainable online income using tried and tested digital method
118 09/08/2018 12:21:49 CafeCoin CafeCoin makes the savings and big-data benefits of blockchain technology and delivers them to retailers and consumers with a focused and intuitive mobile payments app that anyone can use. CafeCoin ma
119 09/08/2018 3:06:43 USC Token’s ICO for United States of Cat’s The platform for connection of interests of sellers and consumers of zooproduction, zoodefenders, veterinary organizations, creation of a merch, organizing of communication and game between animal lov
120 10/08/2018 10:00:33 SISHUB The decentralized anonymous STEEL Ecosystem is designed to create a single solution for highly secured data sharing, messaging, and payment transactions.
121 11/08/2018 7:41:07 H Education World World's biggest token sale in Education to build the future of Education into a single core to connect everyone with everything.
122 12/08/2018 9:49:59 Angenium Transforming waste into a jewel
123 13/08/2018 2:10:09 Tessrnet Pre ICO Distributed Cloud Compute and Storage System where users earn coins for providing idle/unused Processor(CPU/GPU/ASIC), Storage and Bandwidth.
124 14/08/2018 6:45:12 Hussars Coin PLH Hussar Coin PLH is a decentralised P2P payment cryptocurrency based on the Proof of Stake Consensus mechanism.
125 14/08/2018 9:58:33 FEON BANK The world's first decentralized cryptobank of the future FEON
126 19/08/2018 7:31:35 ELEMENTS ELEMENTS token offers easy exposure to top crypto hedge funds with outstanding historical performance.
127 20/08/2018 4:06:43 CyphrCoin The honest ICO where you’ll find NO unrealistic tech promises or baffling whitepapers, NO elaborate roadmaps, NO jargon and definitely NO promises of future blockchain domination.
128 23/08/2018 12:02:21 NEO Finance P2P Lending decentralization cryptocurrency platform
129 24/08/2018 9:31:28 Neluns Neluns is the innovative financial ecosystem, combining within itself a bank that can work with fiat and cryptocurrencies, as well as a cryptocurrency exchange and insurance company.
130 24/08/2018 12:42:04 First Investment Token FITX is the stock and cryptocurrency markets coupling.Our main goal is to grow assets of investors. We have chosen a new approach to investment - united two markets - the crypto-currency and the stock
131 24/08/2018 12:43:23 First Investment Token FITX is the stock and cryptocurrency markets coupling.Our main goal is to grow assets of investors. We have chosen a new approach to investment - united two markets - the crypto-currency and the stock
132 24/08/2018 10:55:08 BOOSTO BOOSTO is a decentralized app store that gives personalized apps to content creators so they can monetize without having to spam intrusive ads.
133 27/08/2018 2:33:34 Crypto Hongbao Crypto Hongbao is a decentralized game currency in which it eliminates many issuing factors of regular virtual game money.
134 27/08/2018 4:42:09 Investoland A global decentralized investment network
135 28/08/2018 11:20:21 SecureCryptoPayments Secure Crypto Payments is a payment gateway for Enterprise eCommerce. Enterprise eCommerce software is a solution that is used by big companies that sell online to cover all their business needs.
136 28/08/2018 8:02:14 Pumpkin ICO The supporter for startup and the revolution for investors
137 29/08/2018 10:50:02 Neironix Neironix is the first independent international rating agency for investment risk evaluation in blockchain economics, where ratings are assigned to the projects automatically on the basis of mathemati
138 29/08/2018 12:28:45 Spitball The World's First Decentralized Student Economy
139 30/08/2018 4:18:48 8gig ICO Accelerating Software Development for Digital Transformation
140 01/09/2018 10:35:13 Brotherly Coin (Brocoin) Revolutionary Blockchain-Based Decentralized Loan Secured By Crypto- Assets. Building A Community Trusted & Ethical Platform Borrowing & lending Like Never Before 0% Interest.
141 01/09/2018 4:25:22 EtopayNetwork Etopay Network token Establishing a global system for the travel industry to improve the travel world, We strive to create a secure payment method that is not limited by national borders. It serves as
142 01/09/2018 11:49:18 DonbassCoin Эмитент 3PDGP2b8dZCWJ19uEBEKJ33xzFiZ5pGvzCH ID 3f3aZYiHgiNxgng6Q4M5XMwA15Zjqg1cgZj8eMJkaMry Название DonbassCoin Всего выпущено 40 000 000 Знаков после запятой 8 Тип Не перевыпускаемый Дата выпуска 06
143 02/09/2018 4:51:19 HAVY Havy is a cryptocurrency marketplace that using two combination of artificial intelligence to buy and sell using havy token on any store in the world.
144 04/09/2018 12:46:19 Makapuno Miracle Coconuts Project Makapuno ICO project that contributes to world energy resources, producing biomass fuels and clean energy from coconut.
145 05/09/2018 11:17:08 Native Project Main Sale Native is a platform to create and participate in community based economies.
146 06/09/2018 9:11:21 idap.io idap.io is an International Digital Asset Platform, which aims to provide a complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets.
147 11/09/2018 8:15:08 AvailCom AvailCom platform will allow any guest to negotiate and rent property freely from the owner without bureaucratic delays thanks to the newly created eco-environment. The owner, in his turn, will be con
148 11/09/2018 8:36:10 AvailCom The AvailCom platform for letting of immovable property and auto rental automation.
149 11/09/2018 8:37:52 AvailCom The AvailCom platform for letting of immovable property and auto rental automation.
150 13/09/2018 7:52:38 Platio All-in-one secure banking for crypto and fiat, and brokerage for stocks
151 15/09/2018 12:22:47 Airgead Coin AIrgead Coin is the First Debt-Free Cryptocurrency backed entirely by physical Precious Metals
152 15/09/2018 11:31:36 EzCash EZ Cash is a C2C Blockchain Marketplace that connects individuals to do business with each other on a secure and peer-to-peer blockchain network.
153 15/09/2018 7:19:09 ZUUM Coins ZUUM is the world’s first decentralized on-demand services platform that allows consumers and service providers to interact directly and ensures fair price based on smart contract
154 16/09/2018 9:14:36 Shark Lotto Shark Lotto the most transparent, simplest and Honesty lottery Decentralized lottery powered by the Ethereum Blockchain
155 16/09/2018 9:15:42 Shark Lotto Shark Lotto the most transparent, simplest and Honesty lottery Decentralized lottery powered by the Ethereum Blockchain
156 17/09/2018 8:32:05 Lionstarter ICO Your life is a goody as we revolutionize the future of retail and advertising markets
157 18/09/2018 7:27:04 Cryptocurrency List Cryptocurrency list brings you real-time updates on all major cryptocurrencies with price, price changes
158 18/09/2018 7:58:40 Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange A pure cryptocurrency exchange and A fiat pegged cryptocurrency exchange
159 18/09/2018 4:31:51 Alpha-X ICO Marketplace Based On Alpha-X Blockchain With Real Usage Of Ax Coin
160 20/09/2018 7:55:50 2key 2key's Technology Revolutionizes Online Sharing By Fusing Smart-Contracts Into Regular HTTP Links, Embedded With A Groundbreaking Protocol For Multi-Step Tracking.
161 20/09/2018 9:13:02 BABLOS BABLOS ICO campaign aims to support the film adaptation of the Empire V novel by the iconic contemporary Russian writer Victor Pelevin. Investors in the token will be entitled to a significant portion
162 24/09/2018 2:03:54 Remittance Token REMCO blockchain solution is a Tokenized money transfer platform with unparalleled speed, designed for licensed money transmitters.
163 24/09/2018 5:01:36 CitiCash Unblock the Blockchain for the People
164 27/09/2018 2:45:55 TRESOR.ONE Connecting Crypto Exchange, Trading and Savings together.
165 27/09/2018 8:39:26 GYM Ledger What's better than a fitness band? A fitness band capable of securely store your cryptocurrency! The GYM Ledger initial coin offering is funding the GYM Ledger fitness bracelet. The GYM Ledger will be
166 28/09/2018 9:01:36 Gem4me Market Space The World's Smartest Marketplace. Buy. Sell. Build your business.
167 28/09/2018 1:01:51 Athero Athero is a powerful infrastructure for decentralized apps powered by smart contracts. Blockchain project that aims to revolutionize the way how modern internet operates.
168 29/09/2018 10:17:46 NOISEMUSICTOKEN NoiseMusicToken has now been launched to power Noise Music.
169 29/09/2018 4:54:44 ASGARD ECO FUND ASGARD is a decentralized crypto ecological fund that provides funding for specific environmental tasks. The fund is based on socio-environmental blockchain platform.
170 29/09/2018 7:26:39 imusify The imusify platform integrates the best practices of crowdfunding, streaming, media sharing, and social networks; creating an ecosystem, in which the artist, fans, and other stakeholders can directly
171 30/09/2018 9:07:22 VION Electric charging stations network development
172 30/09/2018 3:55:43 Emanate Audio Exchange Protocol built on EOSIO. Decentralising the music industry
173 02/10/2018 4:03:23 CryptoNote Index Fund Project is founded to create an opportunity trade CryptoNote based projects Index. We believe that CryptoNote based coins have a significant advantage over others cryptocurrency, given the philosophy
174 02/10/2018 12:57:13 URIS URIS, the blockchain technology-based platform for startups and VC funds that will revolutionize how new ventures raise capital in a truly global, transparent and efficient way.
175 02/10/2018 7:56:20 EVE Media Platform In order to solve the social problems caused by BAADD media, we proposed an ecosystem which anyone can implement a decentralized serviceby unbundling the mechanism of the media and combining blockcha
176 03/10/2018 1:20:38 SmartContractChain OUR VISION Smarter, faster crowdfunding—without the risk. Crowdfunding Platform 2.0 based on Blockchain Technology and ILP
177 03/10/2018 4:30:08 One Solution One Solution is an ecosystem combining within itself a decentralized fund for cryptocurrency investing, our own cryptocurrency possessing unique features, as well as a startup academy. The One Solutio
178 03/10/2018 10:47:14 Widec Widec provides excellent services for tourism and vacation. Widec is here to fufill all the fantsies for vacation by oroviding loan to widec users who has the collateral which is a number of widec
179 05/10/2018 6:38:02 CreaEther CreaEther is an ERC-20 token and has been created to disrupt the crypto community.
180 05/10/2018 6:35:39 FlipNpik The first blockchain-based collaborative commercial social media where the generated value is redistributed in a fair and decentralized way.
181 06/10/2018 12:15:12 CINDX CINDX is a crypto management hub where investors can sync their ‘wallets’ with professional traders, and earn along with them on a secure and fair-play basis. Traders can build a significant following
182 09/10/2018 3:25:09 Coinstruction CoinStruction is a multifunctional system, ensuring secure cryptocurrency exchange for crypto-exchange platforms; a framework for cross-platform crypto asset exchange and market liquidity. This is the
183 10/10/2018 6:14:25 Amalgamcoin
184 12/10/2018 8:40:12 We are liberating the world from plastic waste Our oceans are increasingly contaminated by plastic waste. Far too late, politics has recognized the problem and is now beginning to act. But the basic problem is not solved.
185 12/10/2018 5:51:40 Crypt-ON Meet Crypt-ON - a multiservice financial p2p platform for secure transactions based on smart contracts. Besides the escrow service, the Crypt-ON ecosystem includes a p2p lending service, a crypto free
186 14/10/2018 2:59:34 Melior Al Melior AI is an Artificial Intelligence research, development and solutions provider with a family of competitive e-commerce products created with its own proprietary Machine Learning and Deep Learnin
187 14/10/2018 5:08:15 TheFund.io TheFund.io is an investment Fund created to open access to earnings on investments for a wide range of people on the basis of a smart and safe system of capital distribution, powered by AI.
188 16/10/2018 9:52:45 Brain Space International platform for talent promotion, IP protection
189 18/10/2018 7:08:49 Pungo Token Pungo token is the digital token that Peer2group is creating to build a digital economy within our products and its backed by revenue from our different launched products. As of today Peer2.cash fiat
190 22/10/2018 1:00:36 BitcoinMoon – Decentralized Currency. Open Source. BitcoinMoon (BTCM) is a digital currency. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions are carried out collectively by the network.
191 29/10/2018 5:39:24 NeuronX
192 30/10/2018 3:22:54 XMaterials Using patent-pending, AI-generated recipes and machine-learning robots, we have created the next generation of building materials.
193 30/10/2018 8:39:24 NOVAM
194 01/11/2018 1:16:16 IronX Exchange ICO "Our vision is to create a crypto exchange that is created with the traditional trader in mind. This is why we have merged the best in traditional trading from IronFX, with the best in crypto EmurgoHK
195 01/11/2018 5:40:44 BlueOcean Swiss First Tokenized Medtech VC Fund
196 02/11/2018 9:01:41 betbox Betbox is a fully decentralized ecosystem acting in various DApps with the assignment to provide a fully transparent, fair and yet challenging environment for people with a passion for gambling and a
197 05/11/2018 7:30:06 NEXXO The world's first global blockchain-powered small business financial services platform.
198 05/11/2018 3:21:50 Sound Legends Sound Legends Inc., is a company that has invested considerable resources to successfully launch a global music platform with presence in all 195 countries worldwide. The Company provides a comprehens
199 07/11/2018 2:36:46 IceChain IceChain is High-throughput transactional system with unlimited linear scalability using sharding and double-layer blockchain. In other words, lceChain has created a system which can handle large amo
200 07/11/2018 5:25:43 Cryptowine Exchange A new cryptocurrency allowing wine traders and cryptocurrency holders to trade & hold fine wine on www.cwinex.com exchange in CWEX/BTC/ETH/NEO/USDT.
201 07/11/2018 10:39:04 Etherliberty 18 Trillion People from all around the world lack the knowledge of crypto tokens. Etherliberty is commited to dissemination of information and reward in cryptocurrency.
202 11/11/2018 10:25:41 Cryptune Blockchain enabled state of the art Point-of-Sale Technology
203 12/11/2018 9:41:54 Billion Billion - ultimate multitool for cryptocurrency daily use
204 13/11/2018 5:45:14 Swinca Real Estate Finance Revolution
205 14/11/2018 2:47:59 GOLDFUND GOLDFUND is an incentivised gold ecosystem - a source of capital for mining and investment in precious metals and providing liquidity with transactable cryptocurrency coins and physical gold exchange.
206 14/11/2018 11:19:10 Swinca Real Estate Finance Revolution
207 15/11/2018 1:25:56 MovieCoin MovieCoin is a financial technology company focused on leveraging blockchain technology, digital assets and proprietary applications to create a new standard currency for entertainment financing.
208 15/11/2018 2:59:31 VRExplosion World’s First Decentralized Platform Joining Virtual Reality and Neurocomputer Interface with Blockchain Technology
209 16/11/2018 3:07:18 DAGNet Fast and private transactions.