$11 Trillion Offshore Assets Uncovered After 100 Countries Share Information on 84 Million Bank Accounts

Governments in nearly 100 countries have been sharing offshore bank account information in an effort to crack down on tax evasion. Their “Automatic exchange of information” has led to uncovering 10 trillion euros ($11 trillion) in offshore assets in 84 million bank accounts. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and...

Investment Fund Arcane Crypto Plans Nasdaq Nordic Listing Through $32M Reverse Takeover

A successful reverse takeover of Vertical Ventures would allow the crypto investment firm to appeal to a broader investor base, the firm said.

How Bitcoin Is Like Ham Radio

Bitcoin is decentralized, good in an emergency, supported by passionate fans and not likely ever to see mainstream adoption, says our columnist.

Chainlink Expected to Spend $25M More on Development Than Ethereum

According to the latest report from Flipside Crypto, Chainlink is spending one million LINKs a month rewarding node operators, outspending Ethereum by a wide margin. Chainlink’s aggressive expansion The researchers observed that 500,000 Chainlink (LINK) are sent to node operators twice a month.  Flows of LINK tokens within the...

Data Startup Wants to Rank Every Cryptocurrency Product From Media to Wallets

Cryptocurrency data startup Nomics, in partnership with Nexo, is introducing algorithmic rankings of crypto wallets, lenders, custodians, tax services and over-the-counter desks. The plan is to eventually extend these rankings to every crypto product category, including media outlets. According to Nomics CEO Clay Collins, the same algorithm is applied...

After Years of Resistance, BitPay Adopts SegWit for Cheaper Bitcoin Transactions

Payments processor BitPay has added support for SegWit, three years after a competing block size proposal fractured the Bitcoin community.

First Mover: Crypto.com Says User Growth Coming From Products Not Token Speculation

Crypto.com saw the total number of users increase by 50% in the past few months, to 3 million people.

Tesla Stock Surpasses $1,200 — Now 30% Higher Than Bitcoin Market Cap

The stock price of Tesla (TSLA) surpassed $1,200 in pre-market, achieving a market capitalization of over $220 billion. Now, the most valuable car company in the world is worth 30% more than the entire market cap of Bitcoin (BTC), the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency in the world.  Tesla...

CNET Founder Launches Public Blockchain Network With Dollars Baked In

Public Mint puts dollars on the blockchain so users can use money whether or not they have bank accounts.

Blockchain Explorer to Educate Users With a Bitcoin Transaction Privacy Score

Multi-platform blockchain explorer Blockchair has added a “privacy-o-meter” for every Bitcoin (BTC) transaction that identifies which part is the change. This is the key to tracing a chain of transactions on the blockchain. While the Bitcoin blockchain is theoretically transparent, in practice it can be hard to identify the...