Vitalik Buterin Uses Questionable Historical Comparison to Explain Crypto Tribalism

Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted that TRON (TRX) sympathizers within the Bitcoin (BTC) community are a “perfect example” of German Nazis aligning with Japan during the Second World War.  Vitalik drew the questionable comparison in a reply to Bitcoin activist and independent developer Udi Wertheimer, who tweeted: “#Tron...

Trouble in Defi Paradise: Compound-Issued DAI Surpasses DAI in Circulation

A number of cryptocurrency proponents have been discussing the stablecoin DAI this week, as the DAI allegedly held on the Compound platform is much larger than what is recorded in circulation. At press time, Compound statistics show there’s $523 million worth of DAI held in reserves, while the web...

Search For Yield Drives Ether’s Put-Call Ratio to One-Year High

Ether’s put-call open interest ratio has jumped to 12-month highs. However, this increase is not necessarily a bearish signal.

Russian Courts Can’t Agree on Whether Crypto Is Property

A Russian court convicted two men for extortion, but did not force them to return over $900,000 in crypto since they have no legal definition as property. Other courts have taken a different view.

Russia to Reportedly Investigate an Allegedly Fraudulent TON Offering in UK

Shortly after lifting the country’s Telegram ban, Russian authorities began investigating potentially fraudulent offerings involving the company’s unlaunched token, Gram. The token was at one time meant to serve a new blockchain ecosystem known as the Telegram Open Network, or TON. Reports indicate that Russian prosecutors are set to...

Money Reimagined: Bitcoin and Ethereum Are a DeFi Double Act

With bitcoin increasingly riding on Ethereum’s rails, we’re about to see greater complementarity between the top two blockchains.

Tron is the Fourth Blockchain to Receive a Coveted Twitter Emoji

Tron (TRX) becomes the fourth blockchain project to receive a custom Twitter emoji hashtag.  Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, unveiled the new emoji in a tweet on Friday. As customary in Tron’s marketing campaigns, the new emoji comes with a giveaway requiring fans to put the emoji in their profile...

UK Court Denies Maduro Access to $1 Billion of Venezuela’s Gold

The UK is denying Nicolas Maduro access to Venezuela’s gold worth about $1 billion, stored at the Bank of England. The UK High Court has ruled that the country does not recognize Maduro as president of Venezuela, blocking him from accessing the much-needed gold. England Denies Maduro Access to...

Coinbase Custody to Support Secure Cardano Staking This Year

Cardano users will be able to securely stake their ADA tokens from inside Coinbase’s cold storage.

Ripple Likely Sold XRP in an Unregistered Securities Offering

In recent months, a number of class-action lawsuits have been filed against Ripple for selling its XRP token in an unregistered securities offering. So far, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has not published any official statement on this, which has kept everyone guessing. To help put an...