Past ICO Listings


Digital currency backed by real gold
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 14,000,000 GLDS of 15,000,000
Start Bonus: 1 000 000 GLDS - bonus 50% 4 000 000 GLDS - bonus 25% 5 000 000 GLDS - bonus 20% 1 500 000 GLDS - bonus 10%%
Finish Date: 15/08/2020


Loudex is an exchange project that using platforms both centralized and decentralized to give the co
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 3,000,000,000 LDX of 5,000,000,000
Finish Date: 16/02/2019


Global First Decentralized Funding Platform The AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized f
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 2,000,000,000 AID of 20,000,000,000
Start Bonus: 25%%
Finish Date: 31/01/2019

When Hungry

When Hungry is a global platform for ordering and delivering food, which combines the best restauran
Base: Etherium
ICO: 160,000,000 WHY of 200,000,000
Start Bonus: Аt the Pre-Sale stage, for a purchase of more than 20,000 WHY 30% of bonuses will be credited; At the Pre-ICO stage for the purchase of 10,000 WHY 25% of bonuses will be credited; At the ICO stage for the purchase of 10,000 WHY will be accrued 15% of bonuses.%
Finish Date: 07/05/2019


Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform that rewards participants for contributin
Base: NEO
Max Helsel
ICO: 70,000,000 CJR of 100,000,000
Start Bonus: pre-sale 50 %%
Finish Date: 01/06/2019


Building a mainstream P2P guarantee trading application to reduce fraud and modernise insurance.
Base: Ethereum
Daniel McManus
ICO: 20,000,000,000 KUV of 20,000,000,000
Start Bonus: 70%%
Finish Date: 24/12/2019

BitBook AG

Bitbook is a new gambling and betting platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain, combining a diverse
Base: Ethereum
Andrés Martínez
ICO: 420,000,000 BXK of 750,000,000
Start Bonus: 50%%
Finish Date: 31/03/2019


We are developing a unique carbon data gathering methodology enabling us to compile a powerful data-
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 7,000,000,000 EGT of 7,000,000,000
Finish Date: 31/01/2019


GOLDFUND is an incentivised gold ecosystem - a source of capital for mining and investment in precio
Base: Litecoin
ICO: 4,000,000,000 GFUN of 10,000,000,000
Start Bonus: Up to 50% discount in Pre ICO stage. Bounty Program URL Airdrop URL
Finish Date: 31/12/2018


IceChain is High-throughput transactional system with unlimited linear scalability using sharding an
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 200,000,000 ICH of 1,000,000,000
Start Bonus: NIL%
Finish Date: 21/11/2018


Using patent-pending, AI-generated recipes and machine-learning robots, we have created the next gen
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 1,400,000,000 XMAT of 1,400,000,000
Start Bonus: 1. Tokenholders receive a 15% share of the profits.%
Finish Date: 25/11/2018


CINDX is a crypto management hub where investors can sync their ‘wallets’ with professional trad
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 27,700,000 CINX of 51,500,000
Finish Date: 26/12/2018

One Solution

One Solution is an ecosystem combining within itself a decentralized fund for cryptocurrency investi
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 85,000,000 OSF of 100,000,000
Start Bonus: • First 10 days: +20% bonus tokens. • Third 10 days: +15% bonus tokens. • Third 10 days: +10% bonus tokens. • Fourth 10 days: +5% bonus tokens • Further: no more bonuses.%
Finish Date: 08/02/2019


Widec provides excellent services for tourism and vacation. Widec is here to fufill all the fantsie
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 500,000,000 Wic of 10,000,000,000
Finish Date: 14/11/2018


2key's Technology Revolutionizes Online Sharing By Fusing Smart-Contracts Into Regular HTTP Links, E
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 1,000,000,000 2KEY of 1,000,000,000
Finish Date: 14/11/2018

ZUUM Coins

ZUUM is the world’s first decentralized on-demand services platform that allows consumers and serv
Base: ZUUM Platform (private)
SiRaj Palli
ICO: 500,000,000 ZMC of 1,000,000,000
Start Bonus: 1000000%
Finish Date: 22/03/2019


Havy is a cryptocurrency marketplace that using two combination of artificial intelligence to buy an
Base: Ethereum ERC20
ICO: 6,000,000,000 HAVY of 9,000,000,000
Start Bonus: 25%%
Finish Date: 14/10/2018


ELEMENTS token offers easy exposure to top crypto hedge funds with outstanding historical performanc
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 2,000,000 ELMS of 2,000,000
Start Bonus: 25%%
Finish Date: 31/12/2018

Block Loan

Block Loan is a global platform for crypto loans driven by next generation of credit data. A platfor
Base: Ethereum
ICO: 329,000,000 BLL of 500,000,000
Finish Date: 01/10/2018


    Nettek coin is developed by different experts from blockchain and crypto enthusiasts to build an ope
    Base: Ethereum, ERC20
    Harrison Lambert
    ICO: 500,000,000 NTTK of 1,000,000,000
    Start Bonus: 5 ETH%
    Finish Date: 31/10/2018


    ReMoneta is a uniquely stable, zero cost, reward-based currency and land-backed frictionless central
    Base: Ethereum
    ICO: 50,000,000 RET of 70,000,000
    Start Bonus: Proof Of Care Bonus system - from 10% to 60% depending on your own actions%
    Finish Date: 31/10/2018


    We create an honest betting service, where the bookmaker will be an intermediary between players, an
    Base: Ethereum
    ICO: 66,750,000 IBO of 100,000,000
    Start Bonus: 10%%
    Finish Date: 10/08/2018


    Gabro aims to provide consumers with the ability for instant redemption and manage multiple loyalty
    Base: Ethererum
    Andy Chen
    ICO: 50,000,000 GBO of 10,000,000
    Finish Date: 30/08/2018

    The Boliecoin

    Play video games against anybody in the world and earn real money through our new video gaming lives
    Base: Ethereum
    ICO: 90,000,000 BLC of 300,000,000
    Start Bonus: 500 USD to 1000 USD = 1% Extra Tokens, 1000 USD to 2000 USD = 2% Extra Tokens, 2000 USD to 5000 USD = 3% Extra Tokens, 5000 USD to 20000 USD = 4% Extra Tokens%
    Finish Date: 01/10/2018


    The Cryptassist mission is to supply everyone with access to the world of crypto-assets through an a
    Base: S-Scrypt
    ICO: 6,750,000,000 CTA of 10,000,000,000
    Start Bonus: 30% and referrals bonuses of 2% - 4%%
    Finish Date: 11/08/2018


    Choon is a music streaming platform and digital payments ecosystem which is live on the Ethereum blo
    Base: ERC20
    ICO: 500,000,000 NOTES of 2,000,000,000
    Finish Date: 01/08/2018


    Ibox token is crowdfunding to develop a reliable expedition service who shipping goods from and to a
    Base: ETHEREUM
    ICO: 65,000,000 IBOX of 100,000,000
    Start Bonus: 2%%
    Finish Date: 30/06/2018


    Vanig is the world’s first integrated E-Commerce platform and Supply Chain ecosystem powered by th
    Base: Etherium
    ICO: 141,000,000 VANIG of 225,000,000
    Start Bonus: 30%
    Finish Date: 25/09/2018


    CrowdIF is a path-breaking, first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency trading platfrom which is capable of ha
    Base: ERC20
    Anton Berislav - CEO
    ICO: 16,600,000 CIF of 41,500,000
    Finish Date: 10/07/2018


    Decentralized Labor Market
    Base: Ethereum
    ICO: 99,000,000 UMK of 180,000,000
    Start Bonus: Bonuses - additional tokens that investors earn besides regular tokens if they have invested a certain amount of money(+10% - $1000; +15% - $5000; +20% - $10000; +25% - $50000; +30% - $100000)%
    Finish Date: 01/08/2018


    Stoxum is the world's first hybrid decentralized exchange of crypto-currency with an aggregate pool
    Base: Ripple
    ICO: 200,000,000 STM of 200,000,000
    Start Bonus: 25%%
    Finish Date: 10/08/2018


    NRM is the world's first decentralized expert and analytical platform for managing your crypto asset
    Base: Ethereum
    ICO: 4,958,333,333 NRM of 2,826,250,000
    Start Bonus: Pre-ICO 30%, ICO - First 12 hours 19,8; decreases every 24 hours by 0,66%%
    Finish Date: 15/06/2018


    » Abulaba.Capital 1.Chip Miner 2.Pre-Sale 3.Pre-ICO 4.Chip Trade 5.Masternode &
    Base: Ethereum
    Mr.Akata- Ms.Jaicklin - Mr.KASTEA
    ICO: 100,000,000 AAA of 397,000,000
    Start Bonus: 30%%
    Finish Date: 09/09/2018


    Afeli is an innovative 3D marketplace, integrating with the next generation social network. Afeli er
    Base: Ethereum
    ICO: 6,000,000 AEI of 1,000,000
    Start Bonus: Bonus program: 1 week – discount 20 %; 2 week – discount 15 %; 3 week – discount 10 %; 4 week – discount 5 %.%
    Finish Date: 23/07/2018


    RxEAL is a platform for trustless and safe security deposit storage on the Ethereum blockchain. It p
    Base: Ethereum
    Aleksandr Puzdrans
    ICO: 53,760,000 RXL of 96,000,000
    Finish Date: 11/05/2018


    BITRUST is a decentralized, easy to use, peer-2-peer cryptocurrency insurance platform based on Ethe
    Base: Ethereum
    Aleksandr Karev
    ICO: 150,000,000 BTF of 250,000,000
    Start Bonus: 30%%
    Finish Date: 31/05/2018


    Docnota is an intelligent platform that operates with legally significant documentation. It provides
    Base: Ethereum
    Rinat Bakiev
    ICO: 130,000,000 DCNT of 130,000,000
    Finish Date: 30/04/2018


    ORCA is banking platform which promotes the large the large scale adoption of crypto currency enabli
    Base: Ethereum
    Gytis Trilikauskis
    ICO: 276,000,000 ORCA of 460,000,000
    Finish Date: 16/05/2018


    Paymon is a blockchain platform that connect all market participants through new scalable blockchain
    Base: Etheriem
    Semyon Gleim
    ICO: 1,000,000,000 PMNT of 1,000,000,000
    Start Bonus: 15%%
    Finish Date: 03/05/2018


    Shivom is powering the next era of genomics through blockchain technology
    Base: Ethereum
    Agam Kansal
    ICO: 3,000,000,000 OMX of 990,000,000
    Finish Date: 16/05/2018


    Unilot is a decentralized gambling platform which allows players to play and host online games like
    Base: Ethereum
    ICO: 1 Unit of 11,258
    Start Bonus: 35%%
    Finish Date: 20/05/2018

    ADAMANT Messenger

    ADMANT – A top-notch anonymous messenger encrypted with Blockchain.
    Base: Lisk
    ICO: 98,000,000 ADM of 200,000,000
    Start Bonus: from 20 to 30 ETH: + 20% for total ADM gain volume ● from 30 to 50 ETH: + 30% for total ADM gain volume ● from 50 to 90 ETH: + 40% for total ADM gain volume ● more than 90 ETH: + 50% for total ADM gain volume%
    Finish Date: 30/06/2018


    «Bloomzed Crypto Club» is a closed club for those who use the Bloomzed system and are interested i
    Base: Ethereum
    Elchin Suleimanov
    ICO: 50,000,000 BZT of 100,000,000
    Start Bonus: 50%%
    Finish Date: 26/12/2017


    HeartBout is a social network with a decentralized, blockchain-based incentive system.
    Base: Ethereum
    Ekaterina Eroshevskaya
    ICO: 1,000,000 HBC of 5,000,000
    Start Bonus: 35%%
    Finish Date: 31/12/2017


    The Accounting System for Cryptocurrency Portfolios
    Base: Ethereum
    Mikhail Fadeyev
    ICO: 28,000,000 FNT of 35,000,000
    Start Bonus: 37%
    Finish Date: 12/11/2017


    Blockchain-based Infrastructure for Crypto Investment
    Base: Ethereum
    Jerry Young
    ICO: 600,000,000 FOS of 1,000,000,000
    Start Bonus: 20%
    Finish Date: 31/10/2017

    Dimon Coin

    The Dimon Exchange and Trading Platform is the first exchange platform to combine free spot trading
    Base: Ethereum
    John Connors
    ICO: 3,520,000 DIM of 3,520,000
    Start Bonus: 20%
    Finish Date: 31/12/2017